Choosing Between Wood or Vinyl Siding for Your Home

When it comes to choosing an exterior siding for your home, there are several factors to take into consideration. The main thing to remember is that the siding you choose acts as a protective barrier, so it needs to be durable, it needs to be able to deter pests and to shrink and expand with the ever changing temperatures of the climate region you are in. The most popular choices for siding are wood and vinyl, both with distinct advantages and disadvantages. Your budget, architectural style and climate will determine which one your home is best suited for.

vinyl vs wood siding

Wood Is Perfect for Environmentally Friendly Home Owners

For homeowners who do not mind putting a lot of maintenance into their home, wood siding is a clear cut choice. Although it is easy to repair, it can take a lot to maintain it as it needs to be repainted, re-stained and resealed every couple of years. Wood however, is very durable, is environmentally friendly and can be absolutely beautiful when taken care of properly. If you choose to get wood siding that has not been treated with any type of chemical preservatives, then it is also biodegradable which means a very minimal impact on the environment. It may not be conducive for those who are in very wet climates though as it can foster the growth of mildew, moss and mold when left untreated which leads to deterioration, pests and rot.

Vinyl Is The Way to Go For Minimal Maintenance

Vinyl siding on the other hand, is great for homeowners who have a lower budget and who do not want to put as much maintenance into their home. Vinyl will never rot, nor will it flake like homes that are painted. Vinyl needs to be washed every year, however in comparison to wood siding, this is a much easier job than resealing, repainting and re-staining as it can be done with a garden hose. Also, because vinyl is such a popular option, it comes in a ton of colors, is very cost effective and you will recoup more than 50% of the costs if you choose to sell your house. The downside to vinyl is that it can be heavily damaged in climates that have severe storms or heat and when it is burned, it is toxic to the environment.