Benefits of Vinyl Siding

When it comes to the exterior of your home there are a number of different options to choose from. One of the most popular of all materials used for cladding outside of home these days is vinyl siding. According to surveys that were conducted across the country, more than one-third of all homes in America have vinyl siding.

benefits of vinyl siding

There are a number of reasons why vinyl cladding is so popular and while wood is still quite popular for many, the benefits of choosing vinyl over wood are quite substantial. For this article, we put together a list of 5 benefits to gain from vinyl over any other material, even wood.

Top 5 Benefits of Choosing Vinyl Siding

There are many reasons why you should get vinyl siding in the Midwest. We’ll go over the top 5 reasons below:

Higher energy efficiency – The vinyl siding is designed in a way that each panel can be fitted with foam insulation. Having this built-in barrier helps to prevent thermal bridging and therefore increases the energy efficiency of the home. This improved energy efficiency will help to keep heating and cooling costs lower over any other type of material, including brick veneer.

Easiest to install – Since Vinyl siding can be installed right over the top of most existing exterior cladding material there is no need for costly removal expenses. The installation process requires a whole lot less labor for the installer and therefore there is far less installation cost involved over any other type of cladding material. It is a very lightweight material and can easily be handled as compared to many of the other material options.

Least amount of maintenance – When it comes to keeping the exterior of the house looking good, vinyl siding requires the least overall amount of work. Since it resists most of the environmental effects you will not need to repaint it every 3 to 5 years like wood or occasionally have to patch cracks in the mortar like brick veneer. You simply wash it down with a mild soap and water solution to clean away the dirt.

One of the most durable materials – Vinyl siding does not crack, scratch, peel or fade due to the harsh environment outside. The vinyl siding is manufactured to resist wind up to 200 mph and it is able to resist extreme heat and moisture. All of these factors make it a much better option over any other single type of cladding material.

Most affordable material – When it comes to choosing the cladding material for the outside of the house, vinyl is overall the most affordable when you take into consideration that it is lowest cost material, least amount of upkeep and lowest cost for installation over any of the other types of material to choose from.

There are a number of really good reasons why it is far more beneficial as a homeowner to choose vinyl siding as a method for cladding the exterior of your home. We just named a few that we believe is best. We hope that we provided a good amount of information that will help you decide which is best for you.